Planet Pong!

Planet pong
Earth’s gone wrong
Saturn sings
Earth was the king
But now the planet has had it
Planet pong
Something’s wrong
Earth can’t breath
Sniff sneeze
Mars interrupts
He can be abrupt
‘Sort it out
In case it spreads
To Us!’
Pluto dosen’t care
Too far from there
But Jupiter’s quite near
And fears
Venus purrs…
‘What did you do?’
‘Not a lot!
It wasn’t me
The people on board
Just abandoned me!’
‘That’s a shame’
Said Venus again
‘Around here you were the best planet
I don’t have it right you see
I don’t have people on me
Planet Pong (you) can’t go on!’
Uranus is bored
Always ignored
But can’t stand the pong
‘Go somewhere else I’ve had enough
Go, leave or get the people off’
Mars zips by
‘Earth please don’t cry’
We’ll help get the people, off your planet
They’re not your friends
They’ve caused you pain
We’ll all have a chat and plan it’
Seven sisters all agree, ‘let us help
We’ll help thee,
As your sneezes are blowing us into the other planets’
‘I know sniffs Earth into his handkerchief
I don’t mean to er…AIT TIS’HOOOOOOO!
I don’t wish to be plant pong
I don’t want to be earth gone wrong
It wasn’t meant to be like this you see
In the beginning God made me
He made me well with
Green land and sun
But now I’m rotten and
The problem begun
With the man he put on
He lost his love and care for me
He thought of himself
And what he could be
So now I’m ill with
What they’ve done
I’m so ill I can’t go on
I need some help I’ll ask the sun’
But God came by on his morning run
‘Earth don’t worry
A new earth you will become
For it’s written in my word you see
I’ll make a new earth for my special people and me
And well all live together as was meant to be

By Isabel Monday copyright © 2003
This poem is becoming a fun childrens book. I have illustration and it's a lovely gentle warning about damage to the planet for all ages.


© isabelmonday2013